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Responsibility Between Patient /Family and Practice

My responsibilities as a patient /family includes:

  • Keeping scheduled appointments.
  • Keeping schedule appointment outside of our medical group. Remember to bring the results for your next visit. It is the responsibility of the outside facility to provide you with a copy. Bring results from: Hospital Admission, Emergency Room Visit, Specialist Notes, Lab/Images Results, Pathologies, Operations or any other medical information generated outside of our practice. If a CD is given to you with your medical information please bring it to us as well.
  • Informing your medical provider of any changes in your medical history since your last appointment.
  • Disclosing any allergies.
  • Informing the practitioner of medical and family history

The Practice’s responsibilities includes:

  • Reviewing your medical history, chronic illnesses, medical records and results.
  • Performing clinical test required.
  • Ensuring that all questions you may have about your treatment medications, possible risks and medical conditions will be answered to the best of our ability. If a follow up visit is necessary we will help set up the appointment.
  • To observe your behavioral health in order to provide support/guidance so that you as patients can act on the information and improve your health quality.
  • To coordinate your care across multiple settings while you are in the office, to the best of our ability, we will issue labs, PFT’s and referrals.
  • Providing extended access: after our clinical advice/consultation services are closed, you may obtain online services through our website or portal.


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