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Coordinating Your Care


The Patient Centered Medical Homes is health care that establishes close relationships among medical practitioners, and patients/families to ensure the best care while respecting patients concerns, needs and preferences. The patient will gain the education and support required to take control over their health care.

Our practice becomes the foundation of your medical care. We will coordinate overall health and wellness. Medical home broadly gives accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective health care.

Coordinating Your Care

  • The patient has a personal physician.
  • The practice is a physician-directed.
  • The patient care is oriented toward the whole person.
  • Specialties and clinical test/labs/procedures are coordinated by the practice.
  • Quality and safety drive patient care.
  • The practice strives for optimal patient outcomes, defined by a care planning.
  • Evidence based medicine and clinical-decision support tools guide decision making Medical homes provide enhanced access.
  • Physicians in the practice accept improvement through voluntary engagement in performance measurement and improvement.
  • Patients actively participate in decision-making and feedback is sought to ensure patient’s expectations are being met.

How to Prepare for Your Next Visit

  • Write your symptoms and concerns to discuss during your visit.
  • Write all medications you are currently taking.
  • Include previous medications, over the counter medications, vitamins, and natural remedies.
  • Please disclose your medical history, allergies to foods, bring previous reports from other doctors, labs, test, specialist results or scans completed else were.

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

  • Keeping schedule appointments.
  • Tell your medical provider of any change in your medical history since the last appointment.
  • When sent to a specialist or to do a study or a test, keep scheduled appointment made outside our medical group.
  • When going to an appointment outside our medical group make sure to bring the results for your next visit. It is the responsibility of the outside facility to provide you with a copy. You will bring the copy on your next appointment. Please bring the results from:
  • Hospital Admission
  • Emergency Room Visit
  • Results from Specialist
  • Lab
  • Images Results

What You Can Expect From Us

  • We will review your medical history, and any chronic illnesses and results available to us.
  • Review of your previous medical history and medical records.
  • If blood tests are required, we will collect the samples within the clinic.
  • We will ensure that all questions you may have will be answered to the best of our ability and lingering questions about your treatment and your medical conditions will be addressed.
  • If a follow up visit is necessary we will set up the appointment. If a referral is necessary we will issue in a timely manner.


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