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Sharon Mirante, APN

Adult Care, Primary Care, & Family Nurse Practitioner located in Union City, NJ

About Sharon Mirante, APN

Sharon Mirante

Sharon Mirante, APN, is a board-certified nurse practitioner specializing in geriatrics and family primary care at Diligent Medical Care, PC in Union City, New Jersey. As a family nurse practitioner, Sharon delivers compassionate, high-quality care, providing patients with the tools and knowledge they need to tackle any challenges with their health. 

Sharon has 18 years of health care experience. She’s worked in the contexts of community health, blood management and conservation, educating aspiring registered nurses. She also has experience working with high-risk groups, ranging from birth to older adults. 

Sharon attended The University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Continuing her education at the University of Phoenix in 2012, Sharon also earned her Master of Science in nursing. 

After receiving her master’s, Sharon served as an adjunct professor of nursing at Seminole State College, New Jersey City University, and Bloomfield College, where she dedicated time to the education of aspiring nurses. Then acquired the post-masters certification in Family Practice. 

As an experienced and trusted family nurse practitioner at Diligent Medical Care, Sharon provides a wide range of services to help prevent, identify, and treat a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses.